Stuff we do

dep interiorThe Dep exists to showcase culinary talent, promote innovation in the good food sector and collaborate with food entrepreneurs to expand the horizons for food in Toronto.

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Regularly scheduled activities

— Mondays —
Classes & Workshops 6:30pm+
T.O. cooks share their skills and secrets

— Thursdays —
Newcomer Kitchen
Syrian refugee moms cook traditional dishes for pickup or delivery.

— Fridays —
Drop-In Dinners with Guest Cooks 6pm+
“Open mic night” for culinary talent in Toronto!

— Saturday —
The Rusholme Park Supper Club 7:30pm+
Family-style dinner parties with guest cooks

— Sunday —
Stay tuned for an exciting new Brunch launching soon

We also run a Co-Op Kitchen with several local food entrepreneurs, and occasionally rent our kitchen upstairs out by the hour to people in need of commercial kitchen space.