2016: The times are a-changin’…

 Hey y’all… Can you believe The Dep has been putting out interesting food things for nearly 5 years?!? You can expect more great culinary adventures in 2016; I’m presently working on nailing down some moving parts, but here are some of the changes you can expect in the new year:
  • We’ll be keeping our great hands-on Monday Workshops and weekend Supper Clubs. We haven’t raised the prices in 5 years, so starting in 2016, these events will be $50 (+HST).
    NOTE: if you buy Gift Certificates before Dec. 31, you’ll pay the 2015 price ($40), but can apply it towards any 2016 event!
  • We’ll be keeping our Friday-night Drop-In Dinners, with a different guest cook every week; The Dep is still committed to being a showcase for all the amazing amateur & professional culinary talent we have in Toronto.
  • We will be winding down our Tues, Wed and Thurs-night Drop-In Dinners. It’s hard to let them go, as I love cooking for our community, and have really enjoyed working with the talented Emily Zimmerman who has run our great vegan nights in collaboration with Fresh City Farms. You can be sure that she will continue to be a regular fixture at our Workshops, Drop-In Dinners & Supper Clubs.
  • I will converting my own Tuesday Drop-In Dinner and the great Table Talks series into a ticketed monthly event so I can offer our guest speakers a honorarium in addition to dinner.
  • B.K., the Free Range Human, continues his fantastic Thick Cut Brunch every Sat & Sun, and we’re presently scheming on ways to get even more amazing breakfast & lunch into your mouths.
  • The Dep will still be available to rent for Private Events, both on weekends, and now we will be able to accommodate private workshops, team-building events and dinners on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights as well.
The Dep will be CLOSED Dec 21–Jan 15 for a bit of a holiday break and a chance to put some of these changes in place. Brunch will continue every weekend throughout the break, plus stay tuned for details on a special New Year’s Day Brunchtacular event.

TABLE TALK: Jose Arato

jose rebecca

Photo Credit KATHY HO

Once an accountant in Venezuela, Jose Arato’s life and career is one of transition and exploration. Arriving in Toronto some 13 years ago, Jose’s passion for food led him from culinary school to a job as a creative pastry chef working mostly in the wedding industry. Continue reading

TABLE TALK: Carlos and Sandra Flores

It’s somewhat fitting Carlos and Sandra Flores are the first to share a table with a handful of guests for our inaugural Table Talk. After all, it was only two years prior when Carlos strolled into our Brunch with his first-ever batch of his ‘insane’ hot sauce. Carlos says he brought his ‘insane’ sauce with him that day because someone had asked to try it — they loved it — and since then, he and Sandra have continued to hand produce, package, distribute and market what has now become No.7 HotSauce for the very same reason they started, someone had asked to try it. Continue reading