The Rusholme Park Supper Club

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Family-style dinner parties by guest chefs

Several times a month, the Rusholme Park Supper Club invites a talented cook to prepare a multi-course dinner. We push all the tables together for 20 guests to dine together, along with the cook, in an informal, family-style, B.Y.O.B. dinner party.

Dinners’ on Saturday or Sunday nights; doors open at 7:30 and dinner served at 8pm. No alcohol is sold or served by The Dep at meetings of the RPSC, but members are free to bring their own beverage of choice. There is no corkage fee.

To attend a dinner, you become a member of the Rusholme Park Supper Club when you buy your ticket online; memberships cost $40 (+HST), which includes dinner. Memberships are valid for one event only — if you want to attend another meeting of the Club, you must renew your membership.

Memberships must be purchased in advance either online through our event calendar or Facebook, or in person at The Dep. Advanced memberships are available to guarantee a seat since there is limited seating.

If an event is sold out, an update to the event listing will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, but feel free to contact us to check availability.

Guests are welcome to attend on their own, with a friend or in a group. It is also possible to rent The Dep to host your own private dinner parties.

If the idea of cooking a dinner for 20 people sounds like fun to you, we split cash and tips 50/50 with our guest chefs. Click here for more details.

Upcoming Supper Clubs


September 13 @

SUPPERCLUB: Turkish Tapas – Izmir Meze by Chef Murat Ozsuvari

The tradition of meals made of many small dishes for sharing is popular all around the Mediterranean. Spanish “tapas” and Catalan “pintxos” have become well known the world over, but Turkey has likewise cultivated a culinary tradition of small plates, … Continue reading


September 20 @

SUPPERCLUB: French Roots by Chef Greg Couillard

Chef Greg Couillard built an international reputation on eclectic global culinary fusion in the 80’s & 90’s, but like almost all of his contemporaries, he started out cooking in the classic French tradition. For this sumptuous dinner, Chef Greg returns to his … Continue reading


September 26 @

SUPPERCLUB: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Family Banquet by Lejen Chen

The end of summer, the harvest and the autumn equinox have been celebrated around the world for millennia. In China, agricultural production was closely tied to the lunar calendar, so the Moon figured prominently in many folk traditions and mythology. This became a … Continue reading

rabbit trio_2

October 3 @

SUPPERCLUB: Something Special by Chef Michael Kirkwood

Chef Michael Kirkwood is a 25-year veteran of some of Toronto’s top fine-dining kitchens. This early Autumn dinner reflects a personal vision of contemporary Canadian cuisine using the best local and seasonal ingredients. —– Salted pork rillettes spread on a cinamon toast … Continue reading