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The Depanneur hosts fun food workshops and classes on Monday evenings. We’ve done everything from baking to jams, pickles to chocolates. Learn a new skill, meet some great people and eat something tasty.

If you’ve got a culinary skill you’d like to share, find our more about hosting a workshop at The Dep.

Upcoming Workshops


May 25 @

WORKSHOP: Low Sugar Strawberry Jam by Christine Manning

It is possible to reduce the sugar in your jam without sacrificing quality and taste, but it requires first understanding the important role that sugar plays in preserving. In this class, we will look closely at the differences in recipes … Continue reading


June 1 @

WORKSHOP: Homemade Bone Broth by Kerri Cooper

Join Nutritionist Kerri Cooper for a hands-on class where you will learn everything you need to know about bone broth – an exceptionally healthy and ancient food that is experiencing a renaissance. True bone broths cook much longer than traditional stocks and are rich … Continue reading


June 8 @

WORKSHOP: Healing the Gut by Keisha Luke

Though many holistic nutritional practitioners have long been emphasizing the importance of prioritizing a healthy gut, modern nutritional science is only now beginning to discover the complexity and importance of the role of the gut in everything from our immune … Continue reading


June 15 @

WORKSHOP: Discovering Kefir by Danielle Franz & Vandana Taxali

Kefir is a traditional fermented beverage originating from the North Caucasus mountains that is refreshing, delicious and versatile. It is rich in enzymes, supplies a complete protein, essential minerals and valuable B vitamins. Its living, probiotic culture of symbiotic bacteria … Continue reading


June 22 @

WORKSHOP: Appetizings: Jewish Deli Classics Go Vegan by Emily Zimmerman

According to Jewish dietary laws, meat and milk dishes have to be prepared and served separately. As a result, North American kosher food traditions have evolved into two distinct categories: the delicatessen, which serves the meat dishes, and “appetizings” — … Continue reading