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The Depanneur hosts fun food workshops and classes on Monday evenings. We’ve done everything from baking to jams, pickles to chocolates. Learn a new skill, meet some great people and eat something tasty.

If you’ve got a culinary skill you’d like to share, find our more about hosting a workshop at The Dep.

Upcoming Workshops


February 15 @

WORKSHOP: Pierogies for Kids by Maria Rozynska

Special Family Day Workshop for Kids 6-12 yrs Making dumplings of one kind or another is a traditional family activity all around the world. Poland’s warm and hearty pierogies have become a popular Canadian comfort-food staple and they are fun … Continue reading


February 15 @

WORKSHOP: Polish Pierogies by Maria Rozynska

Every culture has their comfort-food dumplings, and warm, hearty Polish pierogies are right up there with the best of them. Maria Rozynska leads you through the process of kneading & rolling, filling & shaping, and boiling & frying homemade pierogies from … Continue reading


February 22 @

WORKSHOP: Intro to the New Pressure Cooking by Carole Nelson Brown

Pressure cooking, by its very nature, is a faster and healthier way to prepare foods. Nutrients are preserved at much higher rates than other, conventional cooking methods, flavours are intensified and, again, cooking time can be reduced by up to … Continue reading


February 29 @

WORKSHOP: Mixed Citrus Marmalade with Christine Manning

What make artisanal Marmalade so exquisite is the complex, aromatic flavour of different kinds of citrus. In this fun, hands-on workshop, you will learn the difference between a jam, jelly and a marmalade, and the techniques for making your own … Continue reading


March 7 @

WORKSHOP: Whole Hog Butchery by Chef Michael Kirkwood

The ability to break down a whole animal in the kitchen is an essential part of a professional cook’s skill set, even as it slowly disappears from the home kitchen. Not only does it afford a cook total control over … Continue reading