TABLE TALK: Dawn and Ed Rek


Dawn and Ed Rek, a former bread baker and chef respectively, are in their 8th year as local artisanal cracker makers at Evelyn’s Crackers where they bake, package, label and deliver to vendors around Toronto as well as having a rooted presence at several local farmer’s markets since 2008. Read more

TABLE TALK: Ksenija Hotic

Ksenija Hotic_Boz

Photo Credit Rick O’Brien

Last week marked the Hotic family’s arrival in Canada precisely 20 years ago. Ksenija Hotic, a photographer and fan favourite at the Dep, passed around childhood photos along with home-smoked sujuk and basturma (pastrami’s precursor) from her family in Rexdale.  Read more

TABLE TALK: Vanessa Yu


For an aspiring caterer to do well in an industry cornered by large food service providers is more daunting than most realize. Perhaps this isn’t news to you.

Read more