Redeeming Depanneur Gift Certificates or Discount Coupons

Looking to buy Gift Certificates for The Depanneur? Click Here

Using Your Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon

You (or the Gift Certificate recipient, if you requested it be emailed directly to them) will receive an email with a coupon that looks like this:

Simply click on it, and the Gift Certificate should automatically be applied to your shopping cart when you head to the checkout.

Whoever placed the order will also receive an order confirmation with a link to a downloadable/printable Gift Certificate

The printable Gift Certificate looks like this; it’s not required, it’s just in case you want a physical certificate to give as a gift. You’ll need to write in the coupon code you received

You can also download one here if you need it.

Alternatively, you can apply the code by copying & pasting (or typing) it into the Coupon Code field of the shopping cart screen