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A Taste of Home | Investors Group

Len Senater heard that many Syrian refugees who came to Canada were living in hotels and had no kitchens to make their own food. He did have a kitchen and wanted to provide a space where Syrian refugee women could cook.

SOFRA DAYMA — a special evening in support of Newcomer Kitchen

Thursday, Dec. 22 | Gladstone Hotel The Syrian women of Newcomer Kitchen invite you to celebrate their remarkable accomplishments of this extraordinary year. In only a few short months, Newcomer Kitchen has invited over 55 Syrian newcomer women to collaborate with local restaurants to create transformative social and economic opportunities. Despite growing momentum and demand, […]


[beef ] Kibbeh summaqiyah  كبة سماقية Kibbeh in sumac sauce are a specialty of Aleppo, considered by many to be the culinary capital of Syria. Kibbeh – egg-sized elongated balls of finely ground spiced halal beef and bulgur stuffed with a ground beef and nut mixture, are fried and then cooked a tangy, dark red […]