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[beef ] Kibbeh summaqiyah  كبة سماقية Kibbeh in sumac sauce are a specialty of Aleppo, considered by many to be the culinary capital of Syria. Kibbeh – egg-sized elongated balls of finely ground spiced halal beef and bulgur stuffed with a ground beef and nut mixture, are fried and then cooked a tangy, dark red […]

Canada : bienvenue aux réfugiés | Arte (France)

Alors que l’Europe, confrontée à une crise migratoire sans précédent, surveille ses frontières, le Canada, lui, organise le plus grand pont aérien de son histoire. De Mathieu Bana, François Reinhardt et Yann Le Gléau – ARTE GEIE / What’s Up Productions – France 2016 En moins de trois mois, 25000 réfugiés syriens sont accueillis. Emmenées […]

Syrian refugees build community with cooking | THIS Magazine

Behind the scenes at the Newcomer Kitchen and Karam Kitchen in Ontario by Amanda Scriver | November 30, 2016 It has been nearly one year since the Liberal government enacted a program to admit 25,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Canada. In their first year, many of the families faced several challenges to overcome: getting to know […]