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Newcomer Kitchen at Luminato!

Newcomer Kitchen at Luminato Festival Last week, Joshna Maharaj, a local food superhero and this year’s Food Programmer of the Luminato Festival reached out to us and invited the Newcomer Kitchen to participate in the Neighbourhood Food Festival — a free, two-day street party set up across from Union Station. To make this possible, we […]

«Newcomer Kitchen» : le partage des traditions culinaires syriennes à Toronto — CBC Radio-Canada

«Newcomer Kitchen» : le partage des traditions culinaires syriennes à Toronto Le vendredi 27 mai 2016 Une initiative torontoise veut faciliter l’intégration des réfugiés syriens dans leur communauté d’accueil et ce par le biais de la nourriture. Il s’agit du projet Newcomer Kitchen. Ainsi, une fois par semaine, des réfugiés syriens se rassemblent dans la […]

Newcomer Kitchen on CBC

Big thanks to Mary Wien, Matt Galloway and Errol Morris for sharing the Newcomer Kitchen story with their Metro Morning listeners & readers. (just one note: I’m definitely not a professional chef, I just run The Dep) AUDIO  |  ARTICLE

Amazing Newcomer Kitchen video by Suresh Doss

Recently #Toronto’s @thedepanneur hosted another popup #food event where a group of newly landed #Syrian moms cooked up a delicious dinner menu. There are many Syrian refugee families in Toronto, still in hotels awaiting relocation with no access to kitchens to prepare meals. Depanneur’s @newcomerkitchen project aims to provide kitchen space and the necessary tools […]

Newcomer Kitchen

The last few weeks at The Dep has seen the realization of a project that an amazing group of volunteers have been working on for many weeks. The idea was simple: there were many Syrian refugee families stuck in hotels awaiting relocation, often for weeks on end, with no access to kitchens. Could we make The […]

Newcomer Kitchen – April 20

Another amazing day, this one including a full shopping trip, and making hundreds of delicious kibbeh from scratch! A huge thanks for all the hard work of our volunteers, and to Joe’s No Frills for their generous contribution towards our groceries.