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Newcomer Kitchen – Communication Basics

The outpouring of support for this project has been incredible and overwhelming! Our team is working hard to be able to do this again ASAP, and to keep everyone in the loop. To start we have set up some basic online resources for those who want to stay up-to-date on this project, or who may […]

Newcomer Kitchen – Day 1

Wednesday was an exciting and important day for The Dep, the realization of a project that an amazing group of volunteers have been working on for many weeks. The idea was simple: there were many Syrian refugee families stuck in hotels awaiting relocation, often for weeks on end, with no access to kitchens. Could we […]

2016: The times are a-changin’…

 Hey y’all… Can you believe The Dep has been putting out interesting food things for nearly 5 years?!? You can expect more great culinary adventures in 2016; I’m presently working on nailing down some moving parts, but here are some of the changes you can expect in the new year: We’ll be keeping our great […]

The Depanneur | BlogTO

The Depanneur is easily one of Toronto’s most intriguing eateries. It’s not so much a restaurant but a blank canvas owned by Len Senater and programmed much like a nightclub with an ever changing cast of cooks coming through.

Why The Dep?

Because: Hosting a pop-up is too expensive Having to set up all the infrastructure for a pop-up from scratch: venue, kitchen, dining room, promotion, tickets, staffing, etc. is incredibly time/resource intensive. This limits who gets to cook/host. Attending a pop-up is too expensive The high setup costs drive up the ticket price; this limits who […]

The Depanneur Kitchen Rental

The Dep rents out its kitchen by the hour to people who need inspected, commercial kitchen space to prepare their food; it is available on weekdays. (Note: on Mondays and Fridays, the kitchen is only available up to 3pm).

Field Sparrow Farms Winter Vegetable Box Program

Field Sparrow Farms has taken on the vegetable delivery service that was formerly provided by Kawartha CSA. They are offering a winter veggie box subscription that will run every other week from January 16  to May 22. The subscription will include 10 deliveries of 20 lb. boxes of healthy, naturally-raised vegetables sourced primarily from the […]

The Dep’s Co-Op Kitchen

The Depanneur’s rental commissary kitchen is now available for full day rentals MONDAYS. We are looking for people who want to commit to a monthly schedule until the end of this year. The rental includes a proportional share of the available cold and dry storage space: $375/month for 1 full day a week (MONDAY) +HST […]

Thursday Night Student Talent Showcase

On Thursday nights, The Depanneur hosts a Drop-In Dinner aimed at showcasing the talents of culinary students. If you are a student, and are interested in participating, contact Len at The Dep and we will look at scheduling you in. How does it work?