ZagatEvery Saturday & Sunday from 10am-3pm, Free Range Human hosts Thick Cut Brunch at The Depanneur, with a focus on local & homemade ingredients.

Brunch is CASH ONLY and does not take reservations.
For Brunch-specific inquires, contact Brad at (647) 801-4970‬

Mix’n’Match Menu

Two Local Free Run Eggs  3
Upgrade to Duck Eggs  +1
Potato Smash Hash*  3
Sourdough Toast & Housemade Jam  3
Pineapple Baked Beans*°  3
Creamy Corn Grits*°  3
Organic Baby Green & Pickled Veg Salad*°  3
Sweet Potato & Chickpea Panelle*°  3
House Cured Thick Cut Molasses Bacon*  4
Two Housemade Sausage Patties*  4
House Smoked Salmon*  5
Add Cheese or Tomato Sauce to Anything  +1
*Gluten Free   °Vegan

The Works  14
Two Eggs, Thick Cut Bacon, Hash, Greens & Toast

The Vegan  12
Panelle, Baked Beans, Grits, Greens & Toast

Flapjack Stack  12
Two Pancakes! Bacon! Sausage! Greens! Over Easy Egg! Marmalade Mayo! Crème Fraîche! Yogurt! Seeds! Fruit! Compote! #Stacked

French Toast Royale  9
Pan Fried Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed Bread Pudding Cubes, Crème Fraîche, Yogurt, Seeds, Fruit Compote & Maple Syrup

Pancake Plate  9
Two Pancakes, Crème Fraîche, Yogurt, Pumpkin Seeds, Fruit Compote & Maple Syrup

Granola Parfait  6
Hemp & Oat Granola , Housemade Yogurt, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, Fruit & Fruit Compote

Kids’ Plates  5
One Egg Any Style, Bacon, & Toast
One Pancake with Butter & Syrup

Bottomless Coffee or Tea  2
Hot Cocoa  3
Fresh-squeezed Orange or Grapefruit juice  4