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COMMUNAL PICNIC: Global Fusion | Greg Couillard

September 2, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Depanneur + The Bentway Communal Picnic 2021

Pre-order online until TUE Aug 31, 10pm
Pick up on THU Sep 2, 6-7pm at The Bentway

Chef Greg Couillard is best known for his unique and eclectic mix of Caribbean, Asian, Latin, and Indian flavours and ingredients. He has forged a reputation as a fearless culinary innovator, a kind of supercollider of food ideas, smashing them together with incredible force, producing novel and exotic new dishes for lucky diners to marvel at. Chef Greg’s 30+ year culinary legacy has left an indelible impression on fine dining in Toronto, opening eyes, minds & palates to the incredible culinary diversity of our city. For this dinner, Greg takes a journey down the old Silk Road, following the ancient trail of spices from Southeast Asia through India and Central Asia on their way to the Mediterranean and Europe.

Mogul Chowder
Fabulously wealthy from the spice trade, and flush with the abundant produce of the subcontinent, the refined courts of the Mogul Empire were home to a fabulously luxurious cuisine. This complex and layered curried squash and leek chowder is rich with coconut cream and finished with roasted corn and cilantro.

Golden Shwedagon Kumquat Chili Roasted Chicken
Once a very remote kingdom, Burma became a source of incredible wealth for its British colonizers, producing copious spices, rubies, timber and more. The colonial capital Rangoon is famous for its immense gilded Buddhist shrines like the Shwedagon pagoda. The glinting golden colour, and the exotic fragrance of fresh kumquats (aromatic miniature oranges originating from China) inspires this spicy roast chicken dish.
Goan Crazy Vegetable Curry
Goa, an ancient city on the West coast of India that became a Portuguese trading outpost was home to a remarkably multicultural population, including the largest community of Sephardic jews in India, and developed many unique dishes as a result. This fragrant curry’s ingredients — chickpeas, eggplant, red pepper, yam and tomato — would be as at home in the Mediterranean as they were in South Asia.

Both dishes are served with stir-fried yu choy mustard greens and jasmine rice.

Finger Banoffee Cake
Tropical date and banana palms inspire this dark & sticky “toffee pudding” — rich spiced date cake glazed with a salted caramel sauce — topped with miniature finger bananas.

Contains wheat, dairy

Chicken, Vegetarian or 1/2+1/2
Global Fusion Picnic for 2 $59 • for 4 $109 • for 6 $159


Pay It Forward

At check out, you will be given the opportunity to either contribute towards a supplemental Pay It Forward meal. For every Pay It Forward meal purchased, The Depanneur and The Bentway will work together to provide a second meal to double the impact of your generosity. All Pay it Forward funds will be used to create fresh meals for the The Fort York-Spadina Community Care Program; @spafycc

It would not be hyperbole to suggest that Greg Couillard is one of the most influential chefs in Toronto’s culinary history. Through groundbreaking restaurants like The Parrot, Stelle, Avec, Sarkis, The Spice Room and many others, his prescient embrace of this city’s multicultural flavours and ingredients revolutionized fine dining in Toronto, and foreshadowed the eclectic, international menus many now take for granted. Chef Greg’s latest project includes a new line of hot sauces called No Refund — Too Hot? Too Bad!


September 2, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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The Depanneur


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