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PICK-UP DINNER: A Taste of Lahore by Nasir Zuberi

October 23, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Pre-order online until THU Oct 22, 10pm
Pick up on FRI Oct 23, 6-7:30pm

Any country as old and populous as Pakistan will naturally have a plethora of diverse regional cuisines. Lahore, capital of the province of Punjab, and the country’s 2nd largest city after Karachi, (18th largest in the world, with nearly 12 million people) is a perfect example. Wealthy, cosmopolitan and progressive, Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan. With roots in the Mughal Empire and the Sikh homeland, Lahore has many distinctive dishes that are nonetheless enjoyed throughout Pakistan, India and the global Desi diaspora.

Inspired by his mother kitchen, Chef Nasir Zuberi uses only fresh ingredients and homemade spice blends to bring you this delightful menu of authentic Pakistani dishes that showcase the specialties of the City of Lahore.

Dahi Boondi Chaat
Chaats are a popular traditional street food in Pakistan and the region. They come in countless variations that feature lively combinations of ingredients and condiments. Boondi are small, crispy deep fried droplets of spiced gram (chickpea) flour batter; these are soaked in yogurt with small chunks of potato and fresh tomatoes, seasoned with special chaat masala spices, roasted crushed cumin seeds, and garnished with fresh coriander. The result is crunchy & creamy, salty & sweet, savoury & fresh all at once.

Murgh Cholay
A very traditional, chicken and chickpea curry that is beloved in city of Lahore. Halal chicken legs enrich a flavorful tomato-based chickpeas curry prepared with a distinctive homemade spice blend including freshly-roasted cumin, coriander, cardamom, and cinnamon; it is garnished with coriander and slivers of fresh ginger.

Aloo Palak Methi  (#vegetarian)
A well known vegetarian dish in Lahorie cuisine, this spinach curry with potato & fenugreek is cooked in a mild onion and yogurt sauce seasoned with cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, chili and garnished with cream, fresh ginger and lime.

Both curries are served with aromatic basmati rice, scented with cinnamon, green cardamom and saffron, along with a small side of achaar, an intensely flavoured, spicy-sour traditional Pakistani “pickle” condiment made from limes preserved in oil with lots of spices.

Besan ka Halwa
There are many varieties of halwa – fudgy sweets made variously with diary, nuts, pulses, fruit or sometime vegetables like carrots or pumpkin, cooked down with aromatic spices and sugar. Besan, or gram (chickpea) flour, is used to make one of the most popular ones; combined milk, sugar and nuts, it develops a unique, nutty aroma that comes from first roasting the besan in ghee (clarified butter).

Halal Chicken, Vegetarian or 1/2+1/2
Lahorie Dinner — $48 for 2  •  $90 for 4


Nasir Zuberi was born in Karachi, and successfully ran a catering business there during the 1990s. He’s now based in Toronto and launching a new catering business, Enze’s Meals. He has passion for food and traditional home-style recipes using fresh ingredients and homemade spices. IG @enzes_meals



October 23, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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The Depanneur


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