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PICK-UP DINNER: Memories of Trinidad by Sheldon Holder

November 10, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Pre-order online until TUE Nov 9, 10pm
Pick up on WED Nov 10, 6-7:30pm

One of the central themes that has surfaced over the last decade of dinners at The Dep is the connection between food and memories, both personal and collective. Culinary traditions embody memories of migration and diaspora, portable seeds of culture and identity that people carry from place to place.

East Indians first arrived in the Caribbean the 1800’s, and with them came their culinary heritage, spices and techniques. Over time they merged with the African traditions of the enslaved populations — delicious food keep few borders —  and evolved into the distinct cuisines of the region. Even today many ingredients are still known by their Hindi names, like aloo for potato, dhal for yellow split peas, and channa for chickpeas.

Through food and music Sheldon Holder connects to memories; of his mother’s kitchen, and of cooking for friends and fellow artists and musicians at the innovative arts & culture space Alice Yard in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Tonight he shares these memories with family and friends here in his new home of Toronto through his retelling of the flavours of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dhal Soup
A warming split pea soup, seasoned with garlic, scallions, thyme, and rosemary.

Curry Stewed Chicken
Curry blends, or masalas, are themselves a condensation of complex culinary traditions, with countless regional variations. This distinctly Trini version curried chicken gets its smoky, caramel notes from browning sugar together with Trinbagonian ”Chief” brand curry powder, then searing the chicken in the mix before a long, slow braise.
Channa & Aloo
A Trinidadian staple, especially during Diwali when the islands’ many Hindus abstain from meat, fish & eggs. A hearty mix of chickpeas and potatoes infused with curry spices, enrobed in rich, golden gravy.

Both meals come with Fry Bodi; Chinese long beans, known in Trinidad as bodi, sautéed with garlic, fresh tomatoes, and amchar masala, a toasted spice blend of fenugreek, black pepper, coriander, fennel, cumin and brown mustard seeds often used in flavouring Indian pickles, accompanied by saffron basmati rice, and a side of organic greens.

Coconut Sugar Cake
A popular, fudge-like sweet found in countless street markets and shops in Trinidad and Tobago, often brown or white, but also sometimes dyed a festive pink or green. Made rich with coconut and scented with almond essence, it is sweet, flaky and chewy all at once.

Chicken, Vegan, or 1/2+1/2
Trinbagonian Dinner — $48 for 2  •  $90 for 4


Sheldon Holder is a musician, a singer and a songwriter. He is the lead singer of the Toronto band Avenue for Outrage (AFO). He is also a Gestalt Psychotherapist in Training. Most of all Sheldon loves curry; specifically curry powder that is made in Trinidad and Tobago.




November 10, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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The Depanneur


1033 College Street

Toronto, Ontario m6k 2b5 Canada
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