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SUPPER CLUB: Franco-Africaine by Chef Momo

November 10, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

- $50 (Sold out)
Facing each other across the Mediterranean, French and North African culinary traditions have been intermingling for centuries… Dishes like couscous have become bistro staples in France, and the influence of French cooking can be found in restaurants from Morocco to Tunisia and beyond.
For this Moroccan-inspired menu, Chef Momo draws on both her African roots and her European experiences to share a meal of delectable dishes that span the Mediterranean and combine French and North African influences.
Delicate and buttery puff pastry filled with chicken, spinach, and red pepper in a creamy béchamel sauce.
Salad Niçoise
A Provençal classic: green salad with tomatoes, olives, eggs, tuna, and green beans, topped with a colourful melange of peppers and onions and a traditional French vinaigrette.
Couscous Agneau
A luxurious Moroccan-inspired lamb stew, with whole lamb shanks slow-cooked in a fragrant spiced gravy, along with chickpeas, pepper, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and raisins, served over a bed of delicate turmeric-infused golden couscous.
Gâteau à l’Anana
Borrowing a technique from the classic French Tarte Tatin, this buttery, cinnamon-scented pineapple “upside-down” cake develops a gorgeous caramelized pineapple surface at the bottom of the pan that is revealed when it is turned out onto the plate in a moment of high culinary drama!
$50 +HST
Chef Momo (Monique) is a foodie with a passion to make people happy through her cuisine. She left her native Congo to study in Europe and has since embraced Spanish, French and Italian cultures and cuisines along with her African heritage. A newcomer in Canada, Monique wants to showcase her talent and share her favourite dishes with her fellow Torontonians.
Every weekend The Depanneur invites a guest chef to host a fun, informal dinner party.

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