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SUPPER CLUB: Gangam Style by Greg Couillard

November 2, 2013 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Chef Greg Couillard has left an indelible impression on fine dining in Toronto, opening eyes, minds and palates to the incredible culinary diversity of our city for over 30 years.

For this, his final Supper Club at The Dep for 2013 before returning to his winter home in Mexico, Greg is in classic genre-busting form, drawing a wide arc across Asia, through China and Korea with stops in the tropics and Canada.

Hot & Sour Soup
A delightful contrast in textures, chock full of delicate Japanese Shimeji mushrooms, bamboo shoots and creamy tofu, this satisfying and complex soup is the perfect showcase for Greg’s love of exotic spices.

Gangam-Style Korean Braised Short Ribs
Internet phenom Psy exploded into international fame with a cheeky, modern take on Korean style; Greg likewise takes a playful approach to this classic Korean dish, Gal-Bi Jim (braised short ribs). Beef short ribs are slow-cooked in a sweet black rice vinegar glaze, jacked with garlic, chilis and hints of Sichuan spices, until meltingly tender. Served with a buttery sweet potato mash and Kimchi-spiked sautée of seasonal Canadian greens.

Forbidden Rice Pudding
In ancient China, black rice was so esteemed that is was only served to the Emperor, and so became known as “forbidden rice,” as it was off limits for the general public. Greg transforms this special grain into a rich, creamy and delicate dessert, enlivened with a mix of exotic tropical fruits.

$40 +HST

B.Y.O.B. — No corkage
Door open at 7:30, Dinner is served at 8:00

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It would not be hyperbole to suggest that Greg Couillard is one of the most influential chefs in Toronto’s culinary history. Through groundbreaking restaurants like The Parrot, Stelle, Avec, Sarkis, The Spice Room and many others, his prescient embrace of this city’s multicultural flavours and ingredients revolutionized fine dining in Toronto, and foreshadowed the eclectic, international menus many now take for granted.

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November 2, 2013
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
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1033 College Street

Toronto, Ontario m6k 2b5 Canada


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