The Depanneur’s downstairs rental commissary kitchen is now available for full day rentals on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

We are looking for people who want to commit to a monthly schedule for a minimum of 6 months. The rental includes some cold and dry storage space:

$350/month for 1 full day a week
$650/month for 2 full days a week
$900/month for 3 full days a week

+HST & share of Hydro


Feel free to contact me for more details and to book a viewing.

The Dep rents out its regular upstairs kitchen by the hour to people who need inspected, commercial kitchen space to prepare their food; it is available on some weekdays before 3pm. 

The Dep kitchen has generous prep space, sinks, two electric stoves with ovens, a commercial dishwasher, a professional panini grill, basic kitchen appliances like a blender, microwave, food processor, immersion blender, rice cookers, etc. as well as large collection of pots, pans, trays, bowls, knives, cutting boards, etc.

The kitchen does have some fridge and freezer space than can be used during a rental, but there is no on-site storage for equipment or ingredients – you need to bring your stuff, and take it with you when you go. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself, taking out garbage/compost/recycling, and replacing/repairing anything you break.

Rental is $25 per hour +HST, with a 3-hour minimum. If you wish to rent the kitchen on a regular/semi-regular basis, I can offer a small discount, but I ask that you have your Food Handler’s certificate and your own liability insurance.

If you are looking for a kitchen where you can host events like workshops or private parties for groups up to 24 people, take a look at our Private Event Rentals

If you’d like to rent the kitchen, please contact me with the dates you have in mind.

For more information, resources and listings of other rental kitchen options in Toronto, check out this directory published by Food Forward, or this post by Alimentary Initiatives.