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Crowdfunding saves kitchen run by Syrian refugees — Toronto Star

Crowdfunding saves kitchen run by Syrian refugees

By Nicholas Keung — Immigration Reporter — Sat., Dec. 23, 2017

“It is so nice to see the flood of goodwill, generosity and support.”

Support and donations are pouring in to help a fledgling social enterprise for Syrian refugee women that was at risk of shuttering because of a lack of funding. The Newcomer Kitchen was in jeopardy of closing in January after it failed to secure funding from governments and charitable foundations to take the operation to the next level and make it sustainable. Staffed by Syrian refugee women and begun as a social program, the kitchen, housed weekly at the Depanneur restaurant on College St., offers catering and ready-to-go meals to the public with revenue split among the participants after deductions for ingredients and supplies.


Syrian ‘Newcomer Kitchen’ saved thanks to crowdfunding | CTV News

Syrian ‘Newcomer Kitchen’ saved thanks to crowdfunding – CTV News

Rahaf Alakbani and Cara Benjamin-Pace on how a Syrian “Newcomer Kitchen” was saved from being shut down thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.


Toronto kitchen staffed by Syrian refugee women at risk of closing — Toronto Star


Toronto kitchen staffed by Syrian refugee women at risk of closing

By NICHOLAS KEUNG — Immigration Reporter — Mon., Dec. 18, 2017

“There is so much potential to grow. Catering and cooking and workshop requests pour in. However, without core funding to support the administrative and management and logistical support, the program can’t survive,”

Mariam Alaurm gingerly slices the cucumbers on a mandoline for a salad as other Syrian women cut eggplants and roll meatballs for the ready-to-go meals their young enterprise is selling.

Between stirring sauces in pans and mixing the Sfouf — a light semolina cake with anise, vanilla, coconut, black sesame seeds and pistachio — they catch up with one another about their new lives, English classes, kids in school and news from back home.

For almost two years, the Newcomer Kitchen, housed in the Depanneur, a culinary incubator on College St., has been the weekly gathering place for Syrian newcomer women, where they share stories and experiences, as well as joy and tears — all while using their cooking skills to make food for catering and meals for the public.


Holiday Hours & 2018 Schedule Changes


The Dep will be CLOSED from December 17 – January 18
BRUNCH will be OPEN every SAT & SUN throughout the holidays,
except for Sunday, Dec 24.
Stay tuned for an exciting New Year’s Day Brunch announcement!

Up Next: 2018 Schedule

Some changes to our scheduled activities

It’ll take a while before the whole website is updated with the new information – I’ll be working on that over the break.

SUNDAYS  |  Workshops 6:30–9pm
MONDAYS  |  Workshops 6:30–9pm

Our Workshops have become very popular, selling out quite often; as a result, we have been offering additional classes on subsequent dates. We’ve put some of these on Sunday nights, and that has proven to be a convenient time for many people. To make it as easy as possible for our instructors, it’s best if we can run classes on back-to-back dates, so I’m going to start scheduling workshop for Sunday nights, and if there is overflow, we can carry over the classes on to Monday nights as well.

We’re also going to be increasing the prices of our Workshops from $50 to $60. I’ve done a bit of research and many of our workshops we offer are less than half the price of equivalent classes in other locations around the city! Ironically, I believe The Dep also pays our instructors more than anywhere else: 60% of the ticket price! But like everyone else, we need to keep up with rising food costs, rent, etc. The increase will be split between instructors and The Dep, so that they will all take home a bit more from each class, and still be a great value for participants.

Note: I will send out a special discount coupon to anyone purchasing a Gift Certificate in December 2017 for $10 off any workshop in 2018 so that their Certificates can still be redeemed for a full workshop ticket.

1st TUESDAYs  |  Table Talks 6–9pm

Our popular speaker series with dinners by Dep founder Len Senater will continue on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

WEDNESDAYS  |  Newcomer Kitchen 6–7pm

Newcomer Kitchen will resume — hopefully, pending successful fundraising in December — in late Jan, but will be now be on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays.

THURSDAYS  |  Drop-In Dinners 6-9pm

The Dep’s popular Drop-In Dinner series will move to Thursday nights. Come check out a different guest chef each week.

FRIDAYS  |  Private Events  6-11pm

Many people host their own private parties at The Dep, so we’re dedicating Friday nights specifically for this.

SATURDAYS  |  Supper Club  7:30-10:30pm

Our fabulous family-style dinner parties will continue on Saturday nights

SATURDAY & SUNDAYS  |  Brunch — 10am–2:30pm

We’re stoked to have Mazeh, a great new Middle Eastern-inspired brunch, on the go every Sat & Sun.