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Lehee Lev says she’s as passionate about sweet potatoes as she is about health. Which is about as much as her willingness to open her own wellness practice Whole Self Fitness.

TABLE TALK: Dawn and Ed Rek

Dawn and Ed Rek, a former bread baker and chef respectively, are in their 8th year as local artisanal cracker makers at Evelyn’s Crackers where they bake, package, label and deliver to vendors around Toronto as well as having a rooted presence at several local farmer’s markets since 2008.

TABLE TALK: Ksenija Hotic

Last week marked the Hotic family’s arrival in Canada precisely 20 years ago. Ksenija Hotic, a photographer and fan favourite at the Dep, passed around childhood photos along with home-smoked sujuk and basturma (pastrami’s precursor) from her family in Rexdale. 

TABLE TALK: Jose Arato

Once an accountant in Venezuela, Jose Arato’s life and career is one of transition and exploration. Arriving in Toronto some 13 years ago, Jose’s passion for food led him from culinary school to a job as a creative pastry chef working mostly in the wedding industry.

TABLE TALK: Peter McClusky

Before turning to garlic farming and actively supporting the local farm movement, Peter McClusky left his near 20 year stint in New York City spent partly as a Digital Media Exec for a $50/week farming internship with Action Ontario (similar to WWOOFing); or as he calmly states, a move from the bland world of selling […]

TABLE TALK: Carlos and Sandra Flores

It’s somewhat fitting Carlos and Sandra Flores are the first to share a table with a handful of guests for our inaugural Table Talk. After all, it was only two years prior when Carlos strolled into our Brunch with his first-ever batch of his ‘insane’ hot sauce. Carlos says he brought his ‘insane’ sauce with […]

40 Homes for Dinner

40 Homes For Dinner fundraising event for Homes First — an organization actively addressing homelessness in Toronto. Hosted by: MP Andrew Cash Catering by: Rancho Relaxo

Toronto Mentions the Dep 2014

The Grid lists our Rusholme Supper Club in their “Joiner’s Guide” Indie88 “the sly” Rusholme Supper Club finds a way on Indie88’s Secret Supper Club List The Swallow Everyone Loves A Pop-Up Toronto Life highlights Dave Mottershall’s Halloween Feast at the Dep